Friday, August 2, 2013

Tank top as pattern for Flapper dress

I've been in seriously low depression these past three weeks; it took me forever to get to the sewing machine. With depression I had zero and I mean NO energy at all. A fog of a wet, damp cloud fell inside my head, weighing down my thoughts and exhausting me. After a batch of chocolate chip cookies and a homemade pizza, life is looking a little better!

Walmart sells cut-rate cheap fabrics, some of which I used for the flapper dress. To start, I folded the cloth and used a tank top half for a pattern at the fold. It was so easy: What a discovery!

I used chalk to trace the tank top shape on the fabric fold, then cut. Iced Coffee fueled the project!

You can see the neck and the arms as a one-piece.

Inserts were added to shape the sides.

A good 11" inches or so from the bottom needed to go to achieve my favorite "midi" length.

See the shape of the hemline - it worked! Woot!

Finally - I can smile in the sunlight again!