Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ah, Menopause! and a "Kojak Alert"

My hair sparkles with silver strands! The G.P. (general practitioner/family doctor) advised me to make an appointment with an OB/GYN (girly-parts doctor) and have my estrogen levels checked. Menopause, permit me to introduce you to clinical depression. The addition of Abilify to my regular Effexor compels me to crave starches: pastas, breads, rice... ANY starch as long as I can keep eating it. I've already gained three pounds since last Thursday. Ugh. The hunger cravings and Hello pounds of plump!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Velour: Tacky to Sexy

Why must all junk accumulate on my dining room table? Sewing clutter hell in the dining room: Is it my destiny, "Whom the gods would destroy, they would make insane?!!?" I need to set up my sewing machine to finish up that Levi's midi skirt, as I've done all I can by hand. Besides, my husband needs more chores on his Honey-Do List.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Drats! Woke up congested and coughing...

Oh, fercryingouttears... I have a viral infection according to the doctor, so all I can do is the Matzoh Ball Soup cure. Today I am staying mostly in bed, except for my bleaching & dying project. I found well-written instructions on how to bleach and dye jeans properly, via "The Little Giggler." "Before" and "after" photos from her "Bleaching 101" Tutorial inspired me to follow her guidelines.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Should I be embarrassed by my weight?

Obviously, no... when it comes to other people. But who is the hypocrite in this salad mix? C'est moi, mes amis, c'est moi!! I detest my body, I think I look too fat, and that is just plain wrong-headedness. Why post a photo of myself, then? To show my thrift store style, for one thing... the style that embarrasses the bejeezus out of my parents - both of whom are new name-branders when it comes to clothes. Ugh. Even if I could afford it... the only things I buy brand new are undergarments. Oh, let's be honest: If I could afford it, I'd buy out Imelda Marcos in the shoe department!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Embarrassing and Disgraceful REFASHION, Pt. II

Yesterday I posted photos of my crazed frenzy with scissors and old pairs of jeans. Today I pieced together a jeans skirt (photos below) using two of my 'victims'. Such rough edges with both photography and sewing/refashioning! Posting these decidedly amateurish spectacles with pride...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Embarrassing and disgraceful REFASHION, Pt. I

After last week's stint in the hospital, this week's bank account plummets. Time to break out the scissors and slice up old clothes to soothe my furtive brow... Indeed, cutting up my old jeans feels so cathartic. This evening I took photos to show you what sort of trouble I'm making for myself this week. 

I enjoy playing with scissors. (3/26/2013)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Implements of Doom

Showing off some of the coffeemakers I own and use - there are more - with links included, in case you want to check something out. Mind you, ALL of my purchases are strictly thrift shop or eBay... Would I pay full price if I could? Nope. That takes half the fun out of the hunt!

The Mono Cafino

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Coffee and Batman

I must post photos of my coffee maker collection... time to take new pictures! 

I disappoint my parents.

Permit me to introduce myself: My name is Rachel... age 48, married (happily, so buzz off creep). I embarrass my parents and I'm a disgrace, a disappointment. My parents hang their heads in shame!