Please tell me about YOU! 
Who are you? Where do you live, what kinds of clothes make you tick? Are you a coffee drinker, too?

Please comment freely. Your opinions, your stories, your "Hello's" really make this writer happy. 

I love feedback and I do take your advice seriously!! 
For example, a few of you asked me to 
"please, PLEASE learn to take better photos!" 

I promise to maintain "Before" and "After" photos, and will do my best to select only the best picks of the pics. Furthermore, my husband Jim takes wonderful photos consistently, so I will lasso him into picking up the camera whenever possible. My eyesight is lousy. 

Kindly refrain from profanities and politics. PC stands for "Polite Consideration" in my book, which is simple enough a guideline (of which I, too, need to remind myself).

1 comment:

  1. Greetings from an American living overseas in France

    I am Mrs. Eriorsae.

    I found your blog while surfing for Lagenlook ideas. I am pretty new to this bloging thing so please bare with me if I get somethings wrong.

    What kind of clothing makes me tick?

    Loose layers
    velvet(black,purple, red)
    sometimes I enjoy wearing short things(but, well layered (as the weather will permit).
    Think styles like gypsi,boho and sometimes with a touch of goth.

    I'm not really a coffee drinker but sometimes I'll join in with hubby for a cup of expresso aka I call it the "Joe française"