Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Giving Credit, Paying Dues

Just a word about giving credit for the photos and writings on Embarrassing Disgrace: I found this poster via Design*Sponge. It pretty much sums it up:
Refashion Co-op's Posting Do's & Don'ts page refers to it!

Have you ever found flow charts and diagrams confusing? I have a visual-cognitive disability that makes this chart read like Mandarin Chinese characters... So the contents of it were reformatted to plain old text, sentences and paragraphs... Without the ability to read graphics, you'd think there would be little problem since I can read black text on a white background. Well, you would not believe how incredibly visual our culture is! Everything is a symbol, a photo, a picture... graphed and mapped and clearly illegible for the likes of me. I do not mind, but my professors tend to get annoyed at making the adaptations. Tough cookies.
And now, a fresh pot of coffee is long overdue...

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