Monday, May 27, 2013

Tunic Time

I'm back!
My Olympus camera finally died and my health deteriorated: That's why I have neither refashioned nor posted. So I bought a refurbished SONY Cyber-shot (2001) and put myself in the hospital for a week. Now I can sew again, take photos, and write about my miserable afflictions.
A new medication has made me gain 15 lbs. in three weeks - without my changing my dietary habits. 
My shame-ridden family... They seem to accept "traumatic brain injury" and "complications from seizures" easier than they accept "mental illness: Major depression." I roll my eyes and sew something therapeutic.
TUNIC: Made from purple linen/cotton Joanne discard;
Side inserts from a re-fashioned GAP shirt dyed yellow.
SKIRT: Re-fashioned prairie skirt from an earlier post
BASTAAD wood clogs, thrifted

ALSO... I used the guidelines provided by Sew Homegrown's Beginner Maxi Tutorial.

A side insert re-fashioned from a shirt sleeve.

Happy Memorial Day going out to those who SERVE & have served!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Enjoy the rest of the week Patty!

  2. I Love The Pop Of Neon There Rachel. I Have To Add Inserts Like This To My Tops Too, No Thanks To THe Carbs I Cant Resist! Oh Well....

    1. "Full Figured Gals" as Jane Russell used to say... hee hee I'm pretty busty to start with, and that's where I tend to gain weight first (butt second).