Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweater hat

I made a hat out of a scrappy old moth-bitten sweater. Sorry - forgot to take a "before" photo, but in my defense the sweater was pretty ratty. It makes for a lovely little hat, though!

Colorful Happiness in a Hat

Another side-view

Full Frontal Fun

My Facebook Friends Say...
On Facebook I asked people about their experiences with weight and medications. So many people responded!! (Much of my social life entails Facebook - in fact, almost all my socializing has been online since my disabilities rendered me housebound.) The horror, the horror... all kinds of prescriptions cause weight gain, not just psychiatric meds. A whole lot of people explained and complained they have a hard time controlling their weight, let alone losing the extra pounds. Yet it is so easy to get fat fast! And without over-eating...

Wouldn't it be nice if your weight was up to you alone, you and your will-power? Well, the people on Facebook wrote basically that you can diet and exercise like crazy and the weight will either stabilize or you'll keep gaining: Medications. The prescriptions you take will mess up your metabolism. And I am not happy about this!!  Overweight - 165 lbs. - is no fun, my clothes do not fit, this doesn't feel like "MY" body. Normally 140 lbs. at 5'5", I used to have an hourglass figure and was never exactly "skinny". So what? Time to grow up and deal with it, I'll just be plump and pleased to meet you!


  1. Well, I'm plump and pleased to meet you!!! Or LOL's I'm just pleasingly plump and still glad to meet you!!!

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