Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Horrid Caftan to Comfy Skirt

Old sheets from the thrift store were meant for practicing on, right? So practice I did, and attempted to sew a caftan. Each time I wore it, a kitten died, it was that horrid. What to do? Take scissors and chop, of course! And so I did, re-fashioning a skirt from the bottom half. First try, and it feels comfy. Sure, it's not perfect, but I never made a skirt before so I am fairly pleased with the result.

Here it is, That Horrid Caftan... made from a thrifted sheet!!

The Bottom Half...

OOPS! Not supposed to sew the elastic until
after I insert it... silly me!


A comfy summer skirt from That Horrid Caftan!


  1. Great save! Scissors + sewing = power. :-)


  2. I'm learning, too. I think you did a great job transforming the caftan to a skirt.

  3. Love your spirit and your blog. You aren't afraid to take chances with your refashions.