Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ah, Menopause! and a "Kojak Alert"

My hair sparkles with silver strands! The G.P. (general practitioner/family doctor) advised me to make an appointment with an OB/GYN (girly-parts doctor) and have my estrogen levels checked. Menopause, permit me to introduce you to clinical depression. The addition of Abilify to my regular Effexor compels me to crave starches: pastas, breads, rice... ANY starch as long as I can keep eating it. I've already gained three pounds since last Thursday. Ugh. The hunger cravings and Hello pounds of plump!

 I like my hourglass figure at 140 lbs. and when I gain weight, I look blechy to myself. (As soon as I typed that, I chomped down on a milk chocolate bunny.) HAH! Take THAT, curvy body image!

Should I dye my hair yet again, or simply let it grow au natural...? You can snorfle and mock me as I post photos and document My Hair Affair in the month of April 2013. Hey, it's something to do. I have a life, you know...

Permit me to refer you to Meggipeg's guidelines via her Hair Experiment.
Meggipeg chose to quit shampoo altogether " try and overcome dry and flaky skin problems on my face and scalp but also just to keep things natural. There are too many harsh chemicals being used in this world." 
Amen to that and well-said, Meggipeg!

So what's the Big and Exciting Plan? Hm... 

  • Go HIPPY-FREAK and dye hair a bright red Feria hair color but cold-turkey quit the detergent shampoos and conditioners. 
  • Go HIPPY -- After 12 months, start using henna; in the meantime, use nothing artificial whatsoever - no detergents, conditioners. I could make my own hair care products and add a dab of Moroccan argan oil for conditioning. My daughter hooked me on argan oil - she works for the PYT company and keeps me well-stocked. 
Oy vey, is mine a First World problem or what?!!?

Color 'du jour' —  dyed with Feria's "Midnight Violet" two months ago

Makin' like Alex Haley with my ROOTS

Bald spot! Bald spot! KOJAK-ALERT!

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  1. So far I've really liked the way my hair is graying, but I always liked dyeing it funky colors. I'm torn! Laziness has won out, and so I'm still au naturel... *for now* Muu-hahaha.