Friday, March 29, 2013

Drats! Woke up congested and coughing...

Oh, fercryingouttears... I have a viral infection according to the doctor, so all I can do is the Matzoh Ball Soup cure. Today I am staying mostly in bed, except for my bleaching & dying project. I found well-written instructions on how to bleach and dye jeans properly, via "The Little Giggler." "Before" and "after" photos from her "Bleaching 101" Tutorial inspired me to follow her guidelines.

I wet the jeans first and put on some rubber gloves. The ration of water to bleach is about 3:1; I eyeballed it in the kitchen sink.

"In the beginning..."  

Four (4) Hours Later... Still not light enough, and "spotty" (which may have its charm)
We do not need to use the kitchen until tomorrow, as it is still Passover & shabbat for me, plus it is Good Friday for the Ever-Lovin' Husband. Besides, my head is so congested there is no way I'm cooking and cleaning any more... The sink will be sterile by morning, no doubt.
"What I'm Wearing Today"
$5 J. Crew denim dress, dyed for a richer color
$1.50 SoftWalk black & brown shoes from Goodwill
Pardon the mess...

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