Thursday, March 28, 2013

Should I be embarrassed by my weight?

Obviously, no... when it comes to other people. But who is the hypocrite in this salad mix? C'est moi, mes amis, c'est moi!! I detest my body, I think I look too fat, and that is just plain wrong-headedness. Why post a photo of myself, then? To show my thrift store style, for one thing... the style that embarrasses the bejeezus out of my parents - both of whom are new name-branders when it comes to clothes. Ugh. Even if I could afford it... the only things I buy brand new are undergarments. Oh, let's be honest: If I could afford it, I'd buy out Imelda Marcos in the shoe department!
"What I'm Wearing Today"

Today's chilly March style brought to you by Aunt Sally's (Salvation Army)
Shoes: Black patent croc loafers, Anne Klein, $1.50 

My Albert turns 12 years old in a couple days! Woo-hoo!

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