Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Embarrassing and disgraceful REFASHION, Pt. I

After last week's stint in the hospital, this week's bank account plummets. Time to break out the scissors and slice up old clothes to soothe my furtive brow... Indeed, cutting up my old jeans feels so cathartic. This evening I took photos to show you what sort of trouble I'm making for myself this week. 

I enjoy playing with scissors. (3/26/2013)

Potential: MAXI SKIRT

FINISHED: Midi-length skirt from two pairs of Husband's (formerly obscene) Levi's 

 FOUND: A pair of jeans to match up with the latest Levi's skirt

EITHER a prairie skirt OR a butt bag
Feedback would be appreciated!!


  1. If you end up making that last bit into a prairie skirt, I'd love to see pics.

    1. Yes, I'm planning on doing a prairie skirt with some cheap black cotton fabric from one of my kid's Forever 21 Black Dresses. Definitely will do this now! THANKS!!!