Saturday, June 1, 2013

What to do?

What should I do with this blue denim button-down dress? I was thinking of dying it a dark, rich brown and leaving it at that. Another alteration I might make is shortening it a bit, up to just below the knees. But alas, I cannot decide just yet. AND I am wearing it today, all day, as it is 90º f. outside and inside. Yikes!
So, should I dye it? Shorten it? Both?
Goodwill, $2.50, "National" brand


  1. Please don't dye it BROWN - HATE brown! I'd cut the neckline into a deep V and add spaghetti straps to make a sundress and then wear a light t-shirt under it. (I'm your age, so I opt for modesty). LOVE your blog title! :)

    1. Hah hah BROWN - I love dark brown BUT I will refrain this time. Your suggestion ROCKS, by the way, and yes, the tee would be required. But I do love the sundress idea... and will keep you posted. Thanks!! ~Rachel