Friday, April 26, 2013

A Tale of Two Levi's, Part One: The A-Line

Two pairs of Levi's I purloined from the Pack-Rat Husband Extraordinaire. These old Levi's have been patched, re-sewn, and patched again; the fabric is too weak for bleaching and dying: they're from the late 1970's!!
Now he cannot wear them any more because each is shredding at the crotch (and I fed and put weight on my husband so he won't fit into them ever again, anyway). What to do? Answer: One A-Line skirt and one Prairie skirt, woo-hoo! Forget about your cares, it is time to relax and join me in a cuppa joe as I get started.
Fuel via the re-fashioned Chemex (messy stove - oops! Mybad).

I hope this comes out as a good tutorial for making simple refashioned jeans skirts: that's the goal.
The two pairs of Levi's

One patch on top of another patch and another and another and...

To become the A-Line skirt & the Prairie skirt

Red checked cotton tablecloth will TRANSFORM to a Prairie skirt
(Sincerely, Kinsey's EXCELLENT Prairie skirt tutorial shall guide me)

This will be my A-Line skirt
(I will follow the tutorial on Karlene's Workshop: Denim Jeans Skirt)

Where to cut at the crotch, front & back marked in pink!

I removed inside seams...

Plan: Cut the leg inserts at the seam where the pink marker is...

How do you like the patchwork?!!?

One leg insert cut! Check out those patches

Removed the cuffs from insert pieces

Pinned front & rear inserts, starting each at the crotch top 
Measured for a 28" length from bottom of the belt line

Lastly, I re-measured the length ("measure twice, cut once), then cut along the horizontal pink line. Finally, I sewed the inserts on my trusty Singer.
Now I am wearing my new A-line Skirt! And to think it all started with a fresh cuppa java!!

What I'm Wearing Today:
  • Thrifted knit boat neck top
  • The New A-Line Skirt I JUST NOW SEWED!!!
  • Thrifted red quilted ballet flats (hence the pose)

The back of my skirt needs to be ironed...


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who marks cut lines in Sharpie. =)