Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hair Affair III

Is this life full of exciting thrills or what?
This afternoon Husband & I hit Wally-World to smirk at its people and purchase hair dye. I wound up with L'oreal Excellence because I liked the name of the color: Dark Chocolate. So you-know-who's born to be wild spirit broke from its harness and that's right, shook up the L'Oreal Feria routine and went a little nuts with L'Oreal Excellence. If I drove, I'd run the yellow lights, too, because I'm living on the edge here.
See the "After" and "Before" pics below (yeah, in that order, because I'm a rebel).
Photo 1. Sunny afternoon in the back yard
Yup, that's freshly dyed 'Dark Chocolate" hair
(My husband Jim took this photo)

Photo 2. "Roots" by Alex Haley? No, those are MY roots:
OMBRE is the TREND these days... but it looks like roots to me!

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