Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Adding length to a short skirt

I adore this Ann Taylor cotton skirt because it fits beautifully at the waist and hips BUT it is too damned short! It is inappropriate to wear above-knee skirts with naked legs in the summer at my dignified age. Other women might be able to carry it off - and well, too. But I am no Barbara Eden or Joan Collins...
The Beast & I at play!

Subtle stripes, size 10 cotton skirt 

Oh, but it's way too short, too "school-girlish" for me...

Took apart a tube-top 'kiddie' dress & dyed it with RIT Kelly Blue

The Plan: Add length with the new blue ruffle

  • Measured 1-1/2 inches from the inside hem
  • Pinning and ironing along the 1-1/2" mark line
What I'm Wearing Today
  • Thrifted black velvet tunic
  • Upcycled Ann Taylor LOFT size 10 skirt (Thrifted, too!)
  • Thrifted black patent alligator texture loafers

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