Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Purloined My Husband's Jeans!

My husband's job buys work clothes for him annually; he has more work jeans than a body can wear! So I stole, I purloined a pair yesterday. They were hideous, anyway, and must have been several years' old because they are too small for him now. I feed him that well.
So I bleached the life out of these things, following the excellent bleaching and dying guidelines by The Little Giggler.

After a good washing and they still look filthy!!

What I'm Wearing Today:
  • Thrifted denim blouse
  • Refashioned (dyed) cardigan
  • The Jeans in pale pink
  • Sanita's wooden clogs

Love my yellow Sanita's!!

Hope you can make out the pale pinkness...

Different shades of pink

More pink, more blue clouds...

"THE END" My Butt in pink jeans hah hah hah

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