Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yellow denim fabric for a 'Maxi-Skirt'

Oh, for a lemony yellow maxi from old, oversized ManJeans!!  The Little Giggler's "Bleaching 101: Dark Jeans to Pastel Shorts" is a well-written and detailed tutorial — I followed her guidelines and started the bleaching process on 3/29...

Photo 1. What I started with:
"At the starting gate"

Photo 2. After two five-hour bleach baths:
Still too blue for RIT Lemon Yellow...

Photo 3. After a THIRD five-hour bleach bath, the fabric is light enough for impatient me:
Yeah, good enough. Get in the dye bath!!

Photo 4. FINALLY! Fabric dyed with RIT Lemon Yellow ($2.87 per bottle at Wal-Mart):
YAY!! Lemon yellow denim fabric for a maxi-skirt! 


  1. No lo puedo creer!!! le cambiaste el collor al jean!!!!!!!!! Excelente!

  2. My most favorite shade of my favorite color. This is gonna be good.