Saturday, April 6, 2013

What I'm Wearing Today

The Insomnia-Borne Skirt

*Not shown: Floral Dr. Marten's (what else?)*
Thrifted tee-shirt dyed from puce to dark lilac 
As a sort of "re-mix," I turn the tee around and wear it backwards: It looks like a 'boatneck' collar in front.
That floral design made of cheap polyester "lace" gives off a hairy-chest look when worn 'correctly'. 
My 19 year old daughter approves!!


  1. Is that a slip underneath or a lining? If that's a lining I'm super impressed.
    I have piles and piles and piles of old clothes and fabrics I save just because I like the print and one day I'm going to do something creative with them. Yeah, right. I'm thinking of contacting the producers of Hoarders just so someone will come to my house and throw all this crap away. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking while I sit on my sofa eating chocolates and watching movies.

  2. NOT a slip - just the triangle of fabric cut from an old, holey, thin, and cheap (no, not me) tee shirt. It's really easy to make skirts out of any pair of pants using this Denim jeans-to-skirt tutorial over at Karlene's Workshop (can't put in a link in the comments section... huh.)

  3. Thanks, but I can't sew. I love fabric paste.