Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Tale of Two Levi's, Part Two: The Quasi-Prairie Skirt

So who wants doggie friends? I don't, not when I'm eating bacon! Trust me: you do not want your dog's snout hovering near your bacon-bedecked plate. Grrr...

Friday's post tells the tale of how I made like a serial killer and vengefully wreaked havoc on two pairs Levi's with a pair of scissors: Slash, snip, and rip! You can see "before" photos of the virgin and unsullied innocents prior to the desecration.

Then I made an A-line skirt with one pair, and saved the other pair for today's more complicated (for me) project: A quasi-Prairie skirt. It's the Prairie skirt technique I'll be using, but the combination of cloths I chose are not "country-style" prairie. But hey, the photos will hopefully serve as a tutorial of sorts.

Three pieces to make the skirt:
  1. Levi's top piece
  2. band sewn of Levi's scraps
  3. cloth bottom from an ugly dress
Scraps from both pairs of Levi's sewn together to make a 48" band that
connects the skirt top to the bottom cloth
I pinned and sewed the Levi's band to the top piece.
Sewed in the Levi's band, then folded it under & pressed it for a hem

NOTE: Direction of pins
(I pinned the dark bottom cloth to the iron-hemmed Levi's band)

NOTE: Albert the Family Dog in the background

Albert photo-bombs again!

Oh, Albert... *sigh*

  • Thrifted tee turned around for a boat neck
  • That skirt!!
  • Thrifted Robert Zur quilted leather moccasins

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