Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blouse refashion & FAIL for fun

I've held on to this blouse (from a thrift shop) for several years because I liked the dark color and its small pattern.  But its cut makes a girl look too much like General MacArthur, what with the shoulder pads and sharpened sleeves:
Shoulder pads. Poofy sleeves. NO!! 

Here we go again, another sleeve chop and oh, those awful shoulder pads must DIE!!

Bye-bye, shoulder pads and somber sleeves!

I pressed & hand-stitched the inside of the blouse's sleeve seam.

Now THIS blouse I'll wear regularly!
  • Refashioned blouse
  • Thrifted black denim skirt
  • Thrifted Anne Klein loafers

Here's the FAIL: I bleached some denim cut-offs to the death.
The color of the denim when first dunked in a bleach bath
Well, gee, I wanted WHITE denim but... not shredded wheat!


  1. Bleach destroyed jeans=hilarity! Not that I haven't done similar things myself. . .

  2. It's all in the timing. Hilarious!