Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Yellow Maxi-Skirt

In an earlier post, I put up photos and wrote about dying old blue jeans to yellow, using RIT Lemon Yellow.

What I'm Wearing Today
Wearing my yellow maxi with
  • Thrift store white knit top
  • Sanita yellow clogs with wood heels

Measuring & Marking where to cut the inserts
(For a terrific tutorial on basic jeans to skirt transformations, see THIS)

After cutting the inserts, iron them.

Sew up the crotch first, so that it falls flat later.

I kept the front's outer edges 'rough' and pinned the insert underneath.

I folded the back's outer edges and ironed.
THEN I pinned the insert underneath.

Rear (Husband snapped this pic)

Front of skirt


  1. What a great outfit. I love how the skirt turned out, and I could just *snatch* those wonderful shoes! Well made.

    1. Hah hah! The clogs are gold, 'tis true!
      I'd love to dye more jeans yellow but oh, my... the time it takes in the bleach! And the bleach disintegrates fabric, so the denim must be of better quality.