Monday, April 1, 2013

Embarrassing and Disgraceful Refashion: Pt. III

I've been in bed with bronchitis or something like it, and my dining room needs a proper cleaning. There's no table space for the sewing machine yet. I did this skirt entirely by hand:
Front of skirt - I am so pleased!

Last week's "Embarrassing and Disgraceful Refashion: Pt. II" shows the scissors-mauled jeans  (4th photo down.) 
From that to this: 

Husband took the photo...
I told him to focus on the skirt, not my behind!!

******* "Pt. 4" coming soon... Referring to the post on 3/29 for photos & tutorial about bleaching denim... (today it's a third round of bleach in the bathtub)... The Plan: dye with RIT Lemon Yellow for the next jeans skirt, a "Maxi".

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