Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sweatshirt to cardigan with my morning coffee

My 19 year old daughter bought me some lovely, fragrant coffee beans!! She visited my 22 year old up in Mt. Holyoke, Ma., where my eldest is a student in Russian. Those girls make me such a proud Mom. Brewing coffee begins my week with a huge grin, a delightful Sunday morning it is.

My husband bought me the red sweatshirt in our first year of marriage. Time to chop, pin, and sew...
A nine (9) year old sweatshirt!

  • Remove the bottom hem
  • Cut hem in half for two long pieces
  • Fold hem half in half lengthwise, iron to make the fold neat & pin-able
  • Slice up the middle (I sliced the back of the sweatshirt because it was cleaner than the front)
  • Pin the hem half to the sliced 'cardigan' edge, one hem per side
  • Sew away

Voila`! I did two rows of stitching on the machine for the hemmed centers; the bottom of the cardigan is "rough" - hey, it's a sweatshirt!

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