Monday, April 29, 2013

Tunic Upcycle

A beige linen was so dull and boring I dyed it a rich dark brown. But... it never did fit properly thanks to  generously endowed, um, assets. Love the color, but I'd never wear the darned thing.

Remembering the two-tone skirt made mid-April, I dug out the bottom chopped hem of the blue knit. Then I chopped, pinned, and sewed a new tunic for myself! Woo-hoo! What's so great about it is that I can wear it any season, with or without a shirt underneath.

As a show of mercy, I promise to always wear it with shorts, leggings, or sweater tights because no woman my age should wear anything that short!

Long linen tunic 
Thrifted skirt from different refashion


Pinned bottom of knit skirt to top tunic chop, sewed twice around...

Dyed Husband-Tee, the tunic, leggings, moccassins

Looking for Albert, my doggie

Who's that photo-bomber? ALBERT'S at it again... Bad dog!

"The End"

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